Richard Whaling – Where Scala Native Fits

Richard Whaling

Richard Whaling

Richard Whaling is a data engineer at M1 Finance in Chicago, where he designs large data pipelines using Scala-based technologies like Akka and Spark. He’s made open-source contributions to Scala Native and Apache Kafka, and he blogs and speaks frequently about Scala and other functional programming topics.

Where Scala Native Fits

This talk begins with a brief overview of Scala Native’s capabilities – it’s facilities for systems programming, C interoperability, and the coverage (and gaps) of its Java standard library. With that background, we can take a hard look at what corners of the Scala ecosystem are well supported, and what aren’t. In the process, we’ll consider the long-term consequences of Scala’s historical reliance on the Java ecosystem, and consider the gaps we need to fill, and look at what it means to build a platform that is 100% Scala.

In the second half, we’ll consider how the strengths of Scala Native allow it to extend to domains and ecosystems where the JVM is weak, like WebAssembly and embedded systems, and consider how Scala Native sizes up against other languages in that space like Rust, Go, OCaml, and Swift.

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