Grigory Pomadchin – A path to Recursion Schemes

Grigory Pomadchin

Grigory Pomadchin

Scalalaz (Russian Scala podcast) host  Open Source Software Engineer at Azavea, maintainer of GeoTrellis – an open source Scala geographic data processing engine, and maintainer of a few other GIS specific OSS libraries.

A path to Recursion Schemes

This talk would be not only about Recursion Schemes, but more about the Recursion Schemes application to the real domain.

Recursion Schemes is a popular abstraction, popular, in terms that almost everyone heard about it. But it can be problematic to get started with Recursion Schemes and it can be not obvious how to use them.

We will cover the recursion schemes basics: what are recursion schemes, what is a fixed point, why and how to apply it. We’ll try to go through the whole path from defining the domain and the naive DSL implementation towards the recursion schemes DSL and it’s interpretation.

Scala Valentines #5, Part 2