Bill Venners – Understanding Scala’s Type System

Bill Venners

Bill Venners

Bill Venners is president of Artima, Inc., provider of Scala consulting, training, books, and tools. He leads the open source projects for the ScalaTest testing library and the Scalactic library for functional, object-oriented programming. He is coauthor with Martin Odersky and Lex Spoon of the book, Programming in Scala. And he is a community representative on the Scala Center’s Advisory Board.

Understanding Scala’s Type System

When I teach Scala, I find that many Scala programmers aren’t familiar with the many kinds of types that Scala’s type system encompasses. In this talk I would like to try and cover all the types of types in Scala, such as nominal, structural, singleton, refinement, parameterized, bounded, abstract, path-dependent, sub-, super-, union and intersection types, and touch on variance to boot.

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