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Hello, Scala!

Hello, I am absolutely happy to introduce you to my show Scala Love. A podcast about the Scala programming language and its community.

First of all, about me. My name is Oli and I am a Scala developer, in particular, I am a functional Scala developer.

I’ve recently joined 47 Degrees consulting company as a Solutions Architect. We help companies around the world to use Scala and functional programming for the greater good!

So why did I decide to start a podcast?

Well, it’s quite simple. I am hosting one podcast already, it is called Scalalaz. It’s an engineering podcast about Scala in Russian. It is something I really enjoy and love to do. Over the past year, I’ve been receiving a lot of positive feedback on Scalalaz which has been very encouraging. Thank you, everyone, who listens to it!

However, not all of us speak Russian (hi, comrades!) so we are quite limited with who can be our guests and who can listen to us.

With Scala Love, I hope to build a connection between my interesting guests and you, my awesome audience, on a more personal level. Hearing someone speak is, no doubt, more personal than reading words on a screen. With this kind of connection, I hope to gain your trust and bring to your attention lots of good initiatives like open source projects, meetups, blog posts, etc. we have in our community and spread the word about them. 

And do not worry about knowledge requirements!

I can imagine that there would be topics that require you to know some Scala, Type theory or Functional programming. I’ll try to provide resources to help you to learn it. I need to learn it too, by the way!

Where can you find me?

If you are around Seattle please come to my functional programming meetup in Bellevue (youtube)or to Scala at the Sea meetup hosted by 47 Degrees.

You can also email me at or subscribe to  @scala_love on Twitter.

Peace and Love to everyone ❤️

Enjoy these sneak peeks of forthcoming episodes!

A special thank you to my talented friend Impure Pics for the featured image ❤️

Hello, Scala!